Tenda Signs Ltd is accredited for the entire projects displayed in this site, on this gallery page, you get a chance to view some of the projects accomplished by Tenda Signs Ltd ~ 3D 2sided Backlit Signage ~ Hotel 3D Installation at Entebbe Airport ~ Pylon Manufacturing and Installation ~ Portrait 2 way Backlit 3D Signage ~ Repair & Maintenance ~ Sports Club Backlit Signage ~ Interior Bank Signages ~ Interior Reception Signages ~ Interior Office Signage ~ Booth Manufacturing and Branding ~ 3D Signage Installation and Maintenance ~ Out of the Box 3D Signage ~ 3D Letter & Logos Molding ~ Acrylic 2D Back Lit Signage ~ All Sides 3D Back Lit Signage ~ In & Out door 3D signage ~  Out door 3D signage

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At Tenda signs Ltd, we design, Manufacture, Create, Print, Brand and Install the Products in any part of the East African Region and beyond, we offer full service and experience to align with your budget and the required Longevity.

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