Billboards, Fixed Signs, Pylons (Petrol Stations, Safety Signs, Directional-Reflective Road Side  Signs, Back lit 3D and 2D Signage

We offer the complete  professional service that will last and look attractive

We can replace your current branding,

install brand new signage, help you design something unique or give you sound advice from our years of experience.

Businesses typically use;

Advertising, Marketing and Branding to convince consumers, Clients to buy their goods and services or invest in the company.


At Tenda Signs Ltd; We Design, manufacture, Create, print, Brand and install the products in any part of  East Africa.

We offer full service and experience to align with your budget and the required longevity.


covers a wide range of products and we most definite can make your office look professional with custom signage for your walls and windows.

We can do incredible Art with window films like frosting, wall paper, We have a wide range of display systems like Roll up banners, X- banners, snapper frames, Abs boards...etc

Expo & Event Branding

Launch or promote your business and product(s) to the market with Giant banners, Gazebos, stand signage, cut out letters and logos, digital screens, product packaging, vinyl on glass, graphic walls, branded fencing...etc


Fleet branding, Car full and partial wraps and paint branding.



Vehicle branding

is proven to be one of the most effective ways to get noticed. Special care is always taken when we transform your vehicle into an eye-catching mobile marketing tool.


Vehicle and wall branding is specially done using Vinyl stickers, paint and wrap papers.

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